To comply with new European PPE regulations, PETZL revamped the entire ASAP, ASAP LOCK, and ASAP’SORBER line for recertification in spring 2019. For the most part, each device looks the same, but several changes were made in rope, connector, and energy absorber compatibility.

Simplifying the ASAP line

Through 2019, there were two ASAP models, one only CE certified and sold with an OK TL, and the other both CE and ANSI certified and sold with an OXAN TL.

Starting in June 2019, the two models will merge into one and be sold without a connector.

The ASAP is still compatible with the OK TL (M33A TL) and OXAN TLA (M72A TLA) connectors.
The ASAP LOCK remains unchanged

Simplifying the ASAP’SORBER line

Through June 2019, the ASAP’SORBER line included five models:

  • The ASAP’SORBER 20 and 40, both EN 355 certified,
  • The ASAP’SORBER 20 and 40 international version, both ANSI Z359.13 certified, and also EN 12841 and EN 353-2 certified when part of the ASAP and ASAP LOCK systems.
  • ASAP’SORBER AXESS, ANSI Z359.13 certified, and also EN 12841 and EN 353-2 certified when part of the ASAP and ASAP LOCK systems.

Starting in July 2019, the line will include just three models, making certification much easier to understand: 

  • The ASAP’SORBER 20 and 40 (physically identical to the prior international version),
  • The ASAP’SORBER AXESS (physically identical to the prior international version). 

Both are EN 355 and ANSI Z359.13 certified.
The ASAP’SORBER AXESS remains the only model designed specifically for rescue with a capacity up to 250kg. The CAPTIV is no longer delivered with the ASAP’SORBER. Please note: for compliance with ANSI Z359.13, you need to use the CAPTIV. 

The old ASAP and ASAP LOCK models are compatible with the ASAP’SORBER that will be sold starting in July 2019. However, when used together, the system will not be certified.

Adding the Bm’D to ASAP compatibility as part of ANSI Z359.15

In addition to the OXAN TLA, the Bm’D TLU can now be used with the ASAP in compliance with ANSI Z359.15 certification.

New ASAP’AXIS rope compatible with the ASAP and ASAP LOCK as part of EN 353-2

The new PPE regulation requires manufacturers to ensure that their products comply with the change in standards. This is the case for EN 353-2, which now requires more stringent testing: all fall-arrest devices used with a detachable energy absorber, like the ASAP, need to pass the tests with or without an energy absorber (impact force < 6kN).

Petzl therefore decided to develop a rope with an integrated energy absorber on the end that is clipped to the anchor: the ASAP'AXIS.

The ASAP'AXIS can be used with an ASAP’SORBER energy absorber on the ASAP and ASAP LOCK.

ASAP EN 353-2 certification

Only the ASAP’AXIS rope is compatible with the ASAP as part of EN 353-2.

ASAP LOCK EN 353-2 certification

Like other Petzl semi-static ropes, the ASAP’AXIS is EN1891 certified. It can theoretically be used with descenders such as the I’D or RIG, and rope clamps like the ASCENSION or BASIC… However, for this type of use a high impact fall may activate the energy absorber, requiring the rope to be prematurely retired.